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  • Socio-Economic Study And Land Needs Analysis For The Rama Land Claim
  • An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Family Strengthening Programmes On Children (SOS Children's Villages, South Africa)
  • Learner Absenteeism In The South African Schooling System 
  • Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten And Associated Rights-Based Institutions (Parliament Of The Republic Of South Africa)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (Department Of Social Development)
  • An Evaluation Of The Joint Population Conference (The Chief Directorate Population And Development)
  • CCMA Arbitration Awards Analysis (Employment Promotion Programme)
  • An Assessment Of The Socio-Economic Impact Of The Working For Water Programme On The Households OF Beneficiaries 
  • Perception OF Safety Survey (Johannesburg City Safety programme)
  • Review And Assessment Of The Processes Of Foster Care Applications (Gauteng Legislature)
  • A Baseline Study On The Information Requirements Of Victims OF Crime In Gauteng Province (Jacana Media And The National Prosecuting Authority)
  • The Gauteng Welfare Summit 2006 Report (Gauteng Department Of Social Development)
  • Databases And Funding For Organisations Working With Orphans And Vulnerable