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  • Themba Lesizwe Research Audit 
  • Analysis of Data for Angolan Community in South Africa
  • Perspectives on the Service Provided by the Gauteng Department of Education
  • Men As Partners: A Diagnostic Study
  • Voices of the Poor: Case Studies of Urban Poverty in the City of Johannesburg AVAILABLE
  • Civil Society in South Africa: Opportunities and Challenges in the Transition Process AVAILABLE
  • Mozambican Employer/ Employee Survey
  • Implementation of the Maintenance Act in South African Magistrates' Courts
  • Taking Democracy Seriously: Workers Survey
  • Mental Health Needs of Daveyton 
  • Gender and Budgets in Local Government
  • A Health and Wellness Needs Assessment in Gauteng Schools
  • Khomanani National Evaluation Survey
  • Formative Study to Enhance Treatment Adherence to Prevent HIV Infection and Transmission in South Africa
  • Municipal Cost Recovery in Four South African Municipalities
  • Assistance with Labelling Design for the South African Appliance Labelling and Standard Programme