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  • Assessment Of The YMCA Better Life Options Programme II
  • Evaluation Of Soul City Adult Education AIDS Material
  • The Role Of Political Violence In South Africa's Democratisation
  • Gauteng Provincial Government Key Performance Indicators
  • National Refugee Survey: Qualitative Findings From Johannesburg And Pretoria
  • Youth And SMMEs: An In Depth Study Of Three Sites 
  • Towards A Spatial Development Framework For The University Of The Witwatersrand
  • Evaluation OF The National Science And Technology Programme For Young Women 2002
  • Municipal Service Delivery Partnerships: An Evaluation Of CASE Studies
  • Evaluation Of Rape Crisis Cape Town
  • Evaluation Of RAPCAN'S Community based prevention
  • Workshop Report - Ekurhuleni
  • An Investigation Into Citizen Participation At The Municipal Level
  • Youth And Employment - An Overview OF SADC Countries (Part I + II)
  • Survey Of Substance Abuse Amongst Youth - Preliminary Analysis
  • Street Traders And Their Organisations In South Africa
  • Organising In The Taxi Industry: The South African Experience
  • National Refugee Baseline Survey: Final Report JICA
  • 2002 Reporting Cycle For Employment Equity
  • Evaluation Soul City Adult Education AIDS Material
  • Population Profile Of The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality