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Vision, Mission & Values


C A S E strives to contribute to economic and social justice that will impact on poor and marginalised communities through the provision of high quality social research.


C A S E strives to pursue the following as part of its mission: 

  • To conduct accurate and reliable information collection and analysis 
  • To contribute to the development of research skills and employment in the communities in which we conduct research
  • To engage with our client throughout the research process
  • To inform policy, processes and decision-making of our clients


C A S E strives to adhere to the following values in its day-to-day working relations amongst staff and in relation to the people with whom we interact: 

  • No unfair discrimination on the basis of age, culture, disability, gender,HIV/AIDS status, race and sexual orientation: 
  • A commitment to democratic and transparent practice;
  • An ethical, independent and professional approach to all spheres of work;
  • Respect for clients and all members of the communities that help us in our research; and
  • A working environment that respects diversity, recognises the contribution of staff and promotes skills development.