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Socio-economic Survey at San Jose and Zinns buildings
The Social Housing Foundation commissioned a study to gather information on affordability levels of inner-city residents of two buildings that had illegally been occupied. The study was part of a court settlement that instructed the City of Johannesburg to identify alternative accommodation for the residents if they were to be moved. The reference group comprised the city of Johannesburg, the Residents Committee, the Legal Resources Centre and the Social Housing Foundation. The study was commissioned by the Social Housing Foundation.

Older persons Survey
C A S E was commissioned by the Department of Social Development to conduct a study into the situation of older persons in South Africa. The study comprised a survey of older persons living in households as well as those who visit luncheon centres. Government introduced an Older Persons Act that was promulgated in 2007 and this study forms a baseline on which the impact of the act will be measured as it takes effect.

Evaluation of the municipal infrastructure grant
C A S E won a tender to do an evaluation of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG)for the Department of the then Provincial and Local Government. . This grant is a facility that allows local authorities to engage in bulk infrastructure provision. The work comprised doing a household survey in the areas where the grant was awarded, an overall assessment of the programme and a review of the management systems. We have worked with the Palmer Development Group who assisted with evaluating the management of the grant.

Evaluation of Service delivery improvement plans in the justice cluster.
This study for the Department of Public Administration measures satisfaction with service delivery in the justice cluster. It is a large institutional survey that measures adherence to the Batho Pele principles. These principles are intended to guide service delivery in the public sector in respect of how citizens should be treated and served by government officials. The principles are contained in a policy white paper. The study interviewed the police, correctional service and court-based staff as well as members of the public and prisoners who are part of this system.

Health Providers Perception of HIV and Contraception
IBIS, an American-based international NGO, contracted C A S E to collect data from 800 doctors and nurses on how they are disseminating and integrating HIV&AIDS messages into their work with patients and contraception. This project was initiated in 2007. Most of the interviews were done telephonically and some were self-administered.

Barriers to the Child Support Grant
C A S E undertook a qualitative study that looked at the barriers to accessing the child support grant. The work was done for the Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security and the project fits into their broader campaigning around social security. It comprised a study in two sites, one in the Eastern Cape and the other in the North West province.

Evaluation of IECD program Nkandla
This project evaluated a programme around early child development that UNICEF supported in districts around Nkandla. It comprised a survey that compared wards where the programme was active against those where the programme was not present. There were also in-depth interviews and focus group discussions.

Soweto Survey
C A S E has been contracted by the University of Miami to conduct a business and household survey in Soweto. It is looking at home-based business and small enterprises. C A S E was only responsible for data collection.

Enabling documents campaign
ACESS is planning an enabling documents campaign which will focus on improving access to birth certificates. ACESS has commissioned C A S E to do preparatory research to inform their choice of a pilot district in KwaZulu-Natal and planned activities. C A S E through desk research identified the district and also conducted interviews with schoold, ECD centres and clinics.

Human Rights Commission Submission
The South African Human Rights Commission called for submissions from government departments and civil society organisations on the extent to which government was meeting its obligations with regard to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. C A S E made a submission that drew on the work it had done during the reporting period which was from 2004 up to now.

The Evaluation of Local Economic Development Projects
C A S E has been contracted by TEBA development to collect information through in depth interviews, focus group discussions and a survey on 38 projects that are being supported by Anglo Platinum. The projects are in Limpopo and north west province and range from infrastructure to program support.