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An Investigation Of The Private And Public Sector Skills Needs In Eastern Cape Labour Market
C A S E has been commissioned by the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC) to undertake research on the public and private sector skills needs in the Eastern Cape. Foregrounding this research is the shortage of skills across a range of sectors in South Africa and in the Eastern Cape. The project is an initiative of the JIPSA secretariat. (Joint Initiative on Priority Skills Acquisition) The information collected through the survey will be used by government and the Office of the Premier in the Eastern Cape to address the skills shortage. The research will make use of representative survey samples of senior management in the private and public sectors as well as in-depth interviews with key informants in each of the sectors to glean more information on the nature of the skills challenges.

groundBREAKERS Evaluation
C A S E is assisting VOSESA (Volunteer and Service Enquiry South Africa) with an evaluation of loveLife’s groundBREAKERS programme for loveLife and the Kaiser Foundation. 624 previous groundBREAKERS were interviewed regarding their attitudes about life, employment and health as well as about their opportunities since completing the programme.

Living Conditions Survey Pilot
C A S E is conducting a pilot study for Statistics South Africa. The study aims to assess how useful a Community Level study, incorporating focus groups and questionnaires will be for the Living Conditions study that they will be conducting later in 2008. 

Civil Society Audit
C A S E, with PlanAct and Afrika Skills Development, conducted a study about the capacity and constraints of civil society organisations for the National Development Agency (NDA). The aim of the study is to assist the NDA with their strategic planning and to build a database of CSO’s that will be continually updated. 

Health Survey
The Health Economics Unit (University of Cape Town) and the Centre for Health Policy (University of the Witwatersrand) commissioned C A S E to undertake a national household survey of benefit incidence in the health sector. This entails a survey of usage of health practitioners and hospitals as well as public willingness to support the cross-subsidisation of health care for those who cannot afford the service.

Review Of The Child Support Grant
In late 2007 C A S E was commissioned by the Department of Social Development (DSD), the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and Unicef to conduct a study into the effect of the Child Support Grant on children and their households and the operational barriers that may impact on their ability to access the grant. The conclusions of this study will be read in conjunction with other studies commissioned by the DSD and SASSA and will inform decisions regarding the improvement of service delivery and policy efficacy of the grant. 

Socio-economic Study In Three Land Restitution Claims
The Regional Land Claims Commission has commissioned C A S E to conduct a socio-economic study and land needs analysis for three land claims in Gauteng and the North West. This consists of three components: a socio-economic survey amongst claimants; an economic generator analysis in which economic opportunities on the land and in the surrounding areas are identified; and a development plan which draws together the profile of the claimants and the economic opportunities, identifies areas for capacity building and potential development, and provides recommendations to be taken forward in the development of business plans. C A S E is working together with Dimitra Consulting on this study.

Investigating Career Progression Of Black Lawyers in Big Corporate Firms
The study is commissioned by the International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP) and the University of the Witwatersrand and asks the question: Why are black lawyers not progressing in big corporate law firms?

Audit Equality Court
The study is commissioned by the Department of Justice and aims to assess whether designated courts operate as equality courts according to legislation and what possible barriers prevent courts from operating as such. 

Municipal Services Status Report
The DBSA commissioned C A S E to undertake a national review of the status of municipal service delivery in four sectors: Water, electricity,sanitation and refuse removal. A desktop review of documents produced by local government as well as civil society is being undertaken to assess the state of service delivery. 

Murder Docket analysis
The study is part of an overall project on the Violent Nature of Crime. It was initiated by the Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula on behalf of the Justice, Security and Crime Prevention (JCPS) cluster. CSVR has been contracted to carry out the overall murder study in terms of a contract with the Department of Safety and Security. CSVR has contracted C A S E to carry out the fieldwork and preliminary data analysis for the murder study.

Socio Economic Study in Nigel
The study is commissioned by the Ekurhuleni Municipality and entails conducting a socio-economic survey of households and a census of businesses across four wards in Nigel. This information will assist the metro to determine whether their programmes and interventions aimed at sustainable development are well targeted.