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Households Travel Survey

C A S E has been commissioned by the City of Johannesburg' to conduct a household travel survey. The objectives of the study is to provide strategic transportation planning information to the City of Johannesburg's Transportation Department at a local level, including the socio-economic characteristics of households impacting on travel demand, trip data covering all modes of transport and trip purposes and attitudinal data to assist decision-making about current issues and trends, information for the development of the Comprehensive Integrated Transport Plan 2011-2016 for the City of Johannesburg and information on cross-metropolitan, provincial and national border planning issues.

COSATU Shop Steward Survey

Currently CASE is undertaking a survey of formal sector workers for COSATU which has a sample size of 3000 drawn from major cities and towns in South Africa.

An Assessment of the Poverty Alleviation Projects

The Department of Social Development (DSD) commissioned C A S E to conduct an impact assessment of the poverty alleviation projects funded by the department and to make recommendations on how best to support poverty alleviation initiatives in the future.


C A S E has been commissioned by Maphungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection to conduct focus groups as part of their research into "Poverty, Inequality and Patronage: the impact on local politics". In the past year ethnographic field research has been done by MISTRA in four provinces, focusing on the interaction of citizens and state at local level, aimed at understanding the linkages between poverty, inequality and patronage; and at determining whether and how this impacts on citizens' particularly the impoverished and marginalized sections of South Africa's society. The focus groups discussed poor communities experiencees of the state's responsiveness to community needs.


CASE is currently undertaking a Corruption Perception Survey for the Department of Public Service and Administration's (DPSA). The survey will assist government in getting a better understanding of the level of its citizens' perception of corruption in government. It will be used to guide its intervention strategies in fighting corruption. The study attempts to solicit views and opinions of citizens on how they perceive the level of corruption in South Africa.


CASE is commissioned by PACT & DSD to conduct an Impact Assessment Study of the Home and Community Based Care (HCBC) and Support programme in targeted communities to determine its future strategic direction. The study will cover all nine provinces and nineteen districts where 675 organizations engaged in Home Based Care will be interviewed as part of the evaluation.